Movie: The Lobster
What it’s up for: Original Screenplay

In the future, being single is illegal. Singles are gathered and sent to a hotel where they live for 45 days and try to find a suitable partner to spend their life with. If they don’t, they get turned into an animal of their choice.

Guys, guys, guys this movie is so GOOD. It so good just because of how interesting the plot is. It does that thing where you don’t get all the background information at once. It slowly reveals what’s going on over time. I love that. It’s a quirky, indie European film.

The screenplay is just amazing. It’s clever and unique. It tells the story well. There’s great use of things happening in the background that help you understand what’s going on in the film. For example, at one point, our characters are in the woods and random animals will just walk behind them. Those are the people who got turned into animals. We see a camel and a flamingo and many other animals that don’t belong in the woods.

The movie takes a satirical look at relationships that’s refreshing yet convicting. The couples are matched based on a common interest or similar physical trait. They call it being “well suited”. The whole thing is one well-written farce and it’s fantastic.