Movie: Passengers
What it’s up for: Original Score, Production Design

Space movie! But it’s a different kind of space movie. A passenger vessel, on its way to a colony planet encounters an asteroid field causing one of its passengers (Chris Pratt) to come out of hypersleep (or whatever type of sleep they call it, I can’t remember) decades too early. Alone and lonely on the ship, he decides to wake up one of the other passengers (Jennifer Lawrence) even though it means she will also be condemned to spending the rest of her life on the ship.

I actually really enjoyed this one. It’s one of the few happy films in the roster. It might seem cheesy to some, but I thought it was fun and exciting.

Score – two words: Thomas Newman. If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know how I feel about Thomas Newman. He’s the most nominated living composer to never win an Oscar. He deserves one. Unfortunately, this year is probably not his year.

The production design is about the same as any space movie. However, that is a high quality standard. It was beautiful, particularly the space effects.

I love it. Go watch it.