*Yes, I realize that this picture could be from any of Mark Wahlberg’s movies…*

MovieDeepwater Horizon
What it’s up for: Sound Editing, Visual Effects

This is the story of the April 2010 oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. It thoroughly humanized the tragedy. Much of the focus after the incident was on how terrible it was for the environment (which it was). However, human lives were lost and loss of life should always be taken seriously. The movie as a whole was engaging and intense. I may have been sobbing almost the entire time, but I still enjoyed it.

The visual effects immerse you in a hellish landscape. You can feel the terror as the rig explodes and starts falling apart. The sound editing was complex, but not too far out of the ordinary.

This is another one where the score stood out in a strong, positive way. Gina Rodriguez (who is amazing in Jane the Virgin) did a fantastic job as one of the engineers and the only woman in any position of authority. All of the actors seemed fully committed and they added to the authenticity of the film.

Sound Editing – Doubtful
Visual Effects – Doubtful