MovieCaptain Fantastic
What it’s up for: Leading Actor

Ben (Viggo Mortensen) is a father of six. He and his wife are raising their children off the grid in the forests of the Pacific Northwest (#pnwisbest). When tragedy strikes, Ben is forced to bring his children back into the world, challenging all of them to figure out what is really important.

Jiminy Christmas, this one is probably my favorite this year (of the 19 I watched). I’m a huge fan of the indie film genre, and this one had everything you could want. It should have been nominated for screenplay. The production design was beautiful as well, particularly in the scenes out in the woods.

Viggo Mortensen is INCREDIBLE in this role. Ben is completely honest with his kids at all times, and Viggo accomplishes this with a tenderness that makes you believe he loves these kids. The child actors (all six of them) were also incredible. About halfway through the movie, I realized how natural everyone seemed. It could have been a real family.

Sadly, he won’t win this. He definitely deserved the nomination though.