Movie: 20th Century Women
What it’s up for: Original Screenplay

Many of my next posts will be short and sweet considering we’ve got 4 hours until the main event!

Dorothea (Annette Bening), a single mother who grew up during the Great Depression, asks her boarders to help her  guide her son as he enters his teenage years. Julie (Elle Fanning) and Abbie (Greta Gerwig) have their own way of doing things as young, independent women living in 1979. Dorothea learns how to balance who she is with this new world of 1970s liberty.

This movie is weird. The screenplay was most likely nominated for its creative merits. And by “creative”, I mean “different than a normal movie”. It actually evokes a solid 1970s, drug-addled feel which was certainly intentional. It was a thought-provoking film, since it’s easy to compare the emerging feminist and free love movements of 1970s to what’s currently happening in the US in particular. It was weird though.

Annette Bening is actually amazing in her role. She was the most captivating part of the film. It almost felt like a Best Leading Actress performance (to earn a nomination, at least).

Kudos for creativity, but it won’t win.