Movie: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
What it’s up for: Costume Design, Production Design

Does anyone else always hear the word “fantastic” in their heads with a Christopher Eccleston accent?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them depicts one of Newt Scamander’s many adventures searching for magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe. He goes to America on a quest and ends up in New York City circa the 1920s.

This movie is fun for the Harry Potter fan. We get to see the magical community in America and how they interact with the “no-mags” (aka muggles aka non-magical persons). We get to see a bunch of new magical creatures and some familiar ones as well. It’s a bit one-dimensional and some of the characters needed better development. It’s an enjoyable story, though.

The production design of this film is structured around the 1920s. It’s a period piece, even if it is about wizards. However, there’s a certain aspect to it that suspends reality. It’s as if we’re watching an alternate reality where everything is just slightly off. Essentially, that’s what the story is so to that end, it is successful. However, there’s nothing too remarkable in the production design to make it stand out.

I could say almost the same thing about the costume design. Although there are some interesting choices in some of the designs, they look like your basic period piece choices. Maybe I’m missing something, I’m not sure. It all looked great and fit well with the production design. It just didn’t wow me.

Production Design – Unlikely. Especially going up against La La Land.
Costume Design – Unlikely. Especially going up against….La La Land.