Well….it’s officially time for me to regroup. I had an epically terrible night of predictions. Since starting this 6 years ago, the methods of the Academy have definitely changed. They’re predictable but not in the old ways. They’re actually recognizing talent now, which is nice. If I had gone with my gut and chosen predictions based off my own beliefs, I would have done better. 2016 winners


  • I was right to avoid looking too much into the other award shows this year. Next year, I also need to avoid the Internet as a whole. I was going to put down Rylance as my prediction until I started reading things saying it was Stallone’s year.
  • Speaking of Rylance, that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever seen the Academy make.
  • I should’ve known better than to think they’d give anything to Star Wars.
  • As much as I wanted Newman to win, it was nice to see emotional Morricone get up there and finally win. He definitely deserved it. That was the best score.
  • I’m unreasonably annoyed that Lady Gaga didn’t win for her song. She should have.
  • I was right when I thought they wouldn’t give The Revenant the trifecta of best picture/director/cinematographer. I just didn’t think they’d take away Best Picture. Spotlight was really good but I’m not sure I agree with it being BP.
  • Ex Machina winning visual effects is another example of the Academy being less predictable by picking actual quality work. That film had some intense, ground-breaking work in visual effects and definitely deserved the award. It didn’t cross my mind to pick it because usually the odd man out (the one movie with only a couple nominations) doesn’t get the award.

I have a plan for next year. And now I have 6 years of data to work off. Next year will be better.