After agonizing unnecessarily over this prediction table, here are my final choices for this year. I saw 20 out of 32 movies this year. Of the 12 I didn’t see, 7 were basically inaccessible. prediction table 2016

Here are some notes regarding my predictions:

  • If Stallone wins Supporting Actor, I think it’ll be more of a symbolic gesture than anything. His (theoretical) last Rocky movie, he’s never won an Oscar, he’s getting on in years…..BUT, the #oscarssowhite crew will go nuts if he wins. I think there’s a solid chance he won’t win just for that reason.
  • I have an odd number of personal choices that match my predictions this year. However, trying to not have the same choices last year led to me getting a lot of things wrong so, we’ll see.
  • I am not confident in my prediction for Iñárritu. He’d be winning twice in a row. He did not do a great job, I think, compared to the others. He compromised too much for the sake of time and budget.
  • On similar lines, I thought about putting Lubezki down for cinematography (for The Revenant) but if The Revenant wins Best Picture, Director, and Cinematography, it’ll be the exact same group that won those categories last year. That seems a little too weird. But it’s possible Lubezki could win.
  • I’m not confident about TFA‘s prediction for film editing.That one could probably go to anybody.
  • #oscarfornewman