Movie: Sicario
What it’s up for: Cinematography, Score, Sound Editing

Sicario is a story about an FBI agent (Emily Blunt) who joins a team working to hunt down the leader of a drug cartel. At least, that’s what IMDB says. What actually happens in the movie is much more complicated.

The main focus of this film is to showcase the effects of Mexican drug cartel wars on both sides of the border. The story is action packed and interesting. However, there’s a decent amount of important information that is left unexplained throughout the story. I spent a significant amount of time confused. Benicio del Toro was by far the strongest actor and had the best character. The story they built around him specifically made the film interesting. Sadly, Emily Blunt was the weakest point. In her defense, she didn’t have much of a screenplay to work with. It was enjoyable as a whole, but not one of my favorites this year.

The cinematography has a fantastic feel to it. There’s some amazing lighting throughout the film. They do an excellent job showcasing nature to help tell the story. There’s some odd stuff with fake night vision that I didn’t like, but the creativity of it might appeal to the Academy.

The score sets the mood without overwhelming. It’s good, but not terribly impactful. Meanwhile, the sound editing is crucial to a crime drama like this and the editors did a great job.

Cinematography: Highly unlikely
Score: Possible, but I doubt it
Sound editing: Unlikely