Movie: Cinderella
What it’s up for: Costume Design

The roll-out of Disney live-action remakes continues. As a whole, this movie is only ok. I don’t have much to say about it. Unfortunately, you can only remake the same movie so many times. The story of Cinderella has been done over and over and over again, in every format imaginable. Disney would’ve benefited more if they’d done what they did in Maleficent, which was to take a couple scenes from the cartoon and remake them line for line in the live-action version. That was the best part of Maleficent but I was disappointed that Cinderella had none.

It’s no surprise that it got nominated for costume design. The press and internet were abuzz with excitement over the costumes long before the movie even came out. The particular focus has been on the costumes of the stepmother (Cate Blanchett).  Although the costumes are beautiful and intricate, they’re pretty much standard fare for this category. There’s a good variety represented in the costume design category this year. At this point, I can’t make a confident prediction for who it might go to. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cinderella win. Fun fact: Sandy Powell has been nominated twice for costumes this year – once for Cinderella and once for Carol. That alone almost guarantees her a win for one of the movies.

Hard to say at this point.