2015 winners

In my worst year of predictions, I’m glad to say that I did poorly. Most of my losses came from Budapest winning more awards than I thought they would. Since that was my favorite Oscar movie of the year, I’m happy to be wrong.

I only predicted 9 out of 19 correctly. However, 3 of my incorrect predictions were won by the movie/person that I picked as my personal choice to win. When I make my predictions, I tend to assume that the Academy won’t feel the same way I do about certain movies. That assumption is part of the reason why I did so badly this year. Either I’m starting to think more like the Academy, or the Academy is starting to think more like me. I’m not sure which is scarier.

(No wait, I do…the first one is scarier.)

I would like to point out that despite not having seen any but one of the Leading Actress films and not knowing a single thing about Still Alice (except “it’s good”), I correctly predicted that Julianne Moore would win the Oscar. That in and of itself redeems the whole thing for me.

The Imitation Game winning Best Adapted Screenplay seemed like a real political move to me. Literally every movie in that category had a better screenplay than Imitation. I did enjoy the screenwriter’s acceptance speech though.

I was completely in shock that Big Hero 6 won the Oscar for best Animated Feature. Dragon had won most of the awards that come before the Oscars for animation. Dreamworks animation has been reporting a lot of financial difficulties lately. This certainly won’t help.

I was not surprised that Boyhood got snubbed. The only category it could have – and maybe should have – won was directing. Getting 12 years to edit/write gives those crew a lot of time to work and, in my opinion, that makes their final product a little bit easier to make than in a movie where they only have 2 years or less to get a good product out. I know, I know, I’m not in the business, so I don’t know. But logically speaking, when other crews can get phenomenal products out in a quarter of the time, all that’s left is the shtick of watching kids grow up on-screen in real-time. Yes, it was a completely unique way of film-making – which is why I think Linklater should have won the directing Oscar. But when comparing Boyhood to the rest of the nominees, it’s just like any other year where there’s one super artsy film among a bunch of well-made regular films. I never thought it would win best picture.

When doing my predictions table, I was torn about whether to put Theory or Birdman as the ultimate winner, so I wasn’t surprised when Birdman won. The movie is about the acting community. It was amazingly structured. It deserves the win.

Did anyone else find it off-putting that Meryl Streep got so excited about Patricia Arquette’s comments about wage equality? I mean, these are the women that are making the most money of probably all women – or men – everywhere. It’s just totally laughable that they can relate to any sort of wage inequality. Even if for some reason they were getting paid less than male actors, they’re still making millions on every film/commercial/tv appearance.

NPH was entertaining but they could have let him do more. He was getting bored about halfway through.

The moral of my story this year is to make sure to isolate myself from outside opinions before making my predictions. The BAFTAs and internet gossip threw me off way more this year than in previous years when I haven’t bothered to look these things up before the Oscars. I do better when I make predictions in a vacuum.

Ah well. So long, 2015 Oscars. What a weird season it’s been.