Movie: Ida
What it’s up for: Cinematography, Foreign Language Film

This is an absolutely lovely and unique film. It’s on Netflix, and since almost all of you have Netflix, I highly recommend taking the mere 82 minutes to watch it.

Ida is set in 1960s Poland and follows a young nun as she learns about her family history. She learns that she’s Jewish from her aunt and finds out that her parents were killed during the war. Ida and her aunt go on a journey to find out the truth and what follows is a beautifully shot film highlighting Ida’s internal struggle between her heritage and who she is inside.

The cinematography in this film is so good to watch. It’s shot in black and white and in a 1.37:1 aspect ratio. Most of the time, the actors take up only 1/6th to 1/4th of the screen, allowing for some of the best framing I’ve ever seen. It’s gorgeous and it works so well with the dark themes that underscore the whole film.


I think it’s unlikely to win cinematography, but because it was nominated there, I think it probably will win best foreign film.