I’m gonna make it just under the wire!

I was able to watch 24 out of 36 of the movies this year, despite my cross-country move. I’m not sure I could have done much better. Out of the 12 I didn’t see, 6 have been either virtually or literally unavailable in the US.

Some quick notes on my predictions:2015 predictions table

  • I feel like there’s a lot of crazy going on this year and my predictions will probably be off. There are a lot of strong categories where two or three nominees have an equal chance of winning. I try to predict the Academy’s whims, but this year is particularly difficult.
  • I only saw one of the Leading Actress movies, so my prediction is completely random. I’d love to see Felicity Jones win though. She’s adorable.
  • Anna Pinnock is a name you won’t recognize but she is my random-person-to-root-for this year. She got nominated twice for production design (Into the Woods and The Grand Budapest Hotel). Unfortunately, I think she’ll lose to Interstellar but it’s cool she got nominated twice.