Movie: The Lego Movie
What it’s up for: Song….and not best animated feature film

Yes, I’m committing an entire blog post to this because I’m still annoyed.

It won the BAFTA, for crying out loud. The Brits love The Lego Movie more than Americans?! I don’t understand.

I think what got it squeezed out by the foreign films is that the first two-thirds of the movie are mostly filled with ridiculous things. HOWEVER, once Will Ferrell shows up, the movie gets brought to a whole new level. Throughout the movie there’s all sorts of significant moments that mean more than your basic, child-oriented animation film.

As for “Everything is Awesome”…you know how it goes. I don’t need to post the video. I would LOVE to see this win. But let’s be real…if Selma doesn’t win something, there will be mass outrage.