Movie: Maleficent
What it’s up for: Costuming

Maleficent had so much potential for greatness. It had the budget. It had the cast. It had a relatively good screenplay. It just seems like somewhere along the line, 30-40 minutes of the plot got cut. Every character besides Maleficent had virtually no character development. The third act of the movie felt rushed. But yes, the costumes were amazing.

Angelina Jolie was amazing as Maleficent. Much to my surprise, she redeemed the whole movie for me. I’m normally not a fan of Ms. Jolie, but this role was perfect for her. My favorite part of the movie was the scene where she curses Aurora – mostly because it was almost identical to the animated version.

I saw Maleficent when it first came out and due to time and lack of interest, I don’t have any more insights on this particular film.