Movie: Begin Again
What it’s up for: Original Song “Lost Stars”

My favorite part of forcing myself to watch all the Oscar nominated movies is discovering wonderful independent movies that I otherwise wouldn’t have watched.

This was not one of them.

Begin Again tells the story of a washed up music producer (Mark Ruffalo) and a down-on-her-luck song writer (Kiera Knightley). They endeavor to create an album in New York City without any funding in order to prove to a music label that they’re worth investing in.

My favorite thing about this movie is that Adam Levine basically makes fun of his own music. I’ve never been a big fan of Adam Levine’s style anyway, so that aspect was pretty entertaining. Cee Lo shows up a couple of times too and I always enjoy watching him be himself.

Also, there is a special place in my heart for James Corden. Alright, I admit it…I love him. Ever since he showed up in my life as Craig in Doctor Who, I have loved him. I will love him forever and any production he is in is made better by his presence.

I really wanted to like this movie but the plot is weak, the screenplay is overly simplistic, and the music is agonizingly melancholy. The song nominated, “Lost Stars” I don’t really like either, but that’s mostly because of my previously mentioned distaste for Adam Levine. So, this is mostly a worthless post. It’s also worthless because the song from Selma is pretty much a guaranteed win.


Song: Unlikely