Movie: Philomena
What it’s up for: Leading Actress, Best Picture, Music (score), Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

What a surprisingly joyous little film. I was all prepared for another bout of depression after seeing this but I was wrong. It’s not a happy-go-lucky, feel good film, but it is entertaining and has a good moral. There was a lot of that lacking in this year’s Oscar movies.

Philomena is an Irish gal who got pregnant as a teen in the 1950s. Her father dropped her off at a convent where they made her give up her son. He was adopted and taken away and 50 years later, Philomena finally tells someone about what happened. She and a deposed BBC journalist go on a journey together to try to find her son.

Judi Dench always surprises me, I don’t know why. I expect her to always be the same in her roles but she is an undeniably great actress. I loved her in this movie. She had just the right balance of humor and focus to make her role as Philomena stand out. Her co-star, Steve Coogan, who plays Martin the journalist, is fabulous as well. He has a tremendous sense of humor and comedic timing which enhances and doesn’t overshadow serious scenes.

The score didn’t stand out to me but the screenplay did. It was clever and well shot. They used a lot of great angles and artistic framing to set the scenes. The film relied heavily on character development and the script did it justice not only for the two main characters, but for Philomena’s missing son as well.


The whole movie was actually enjoyable to watch, which was great. It is the type of movie that reminds me why I like to go to the movie theater.

Best Picture – No

Leading Actress – No. But I’d pick her.

Score – No

Adapted Screenplay – Doubtful but I could see it making a surprise appearance