What a great show. Ellen was funny, as were some of her sidekicks. The sets were beautiful. I’m SO glad they brought back the best song performances. The production team seemed a little scattered for the show and none of the actors knew how to read their teleprompters but besides that, it was good. I enjoyed the speeches and the odes to heroes. It was all around entertaining and I had a good time watching.2014 Winners

I guessed 12 out of 19 right, which happens to be the same percentage as the last time I was able to make predictions (in 2012). So, I guess what I’ll be “chasing” next year (a la Matthew McConaughey) is to predict at least 13 categories correctly. Out of the 7 I got wrong, the only ones I really disagreed with were the Original Screenplay win for Her and Alfonso’s directing win for Gravity. (Like I’ve said before, I love Alfonso Cuaron but I really would’ve liked to see Steve McQueen or Alexander Payne win.) 2 of those 7 that I got wrong, I had picked correctly for my personal choice to win (Lupita and “Let it Go”). I loved that Matthew McConaughey won best actor. The moment I saw his little preview thing I thought “You know…McConaughey might be the dark horse here.” I think that Chiwetel Ejiofor deserved it just as equally. It was a tough category this year.

So, the 2014 Oscar season is over. What a beautiful year for important films. However, I hope that this next year is going to bring back a theme of uplifting and hopeful films. I think we all could use some of that.