After last year’s black hole of not being able to watch many movies or watch the Oscars live, I was hoping that this year’s group of nominees would be something special. Although they all stand out in different ways, overall I came out bored. I hate to say that, but it’s true. There weren’t many stories that really gripped me. However, there were a lot of stories that taught me new things. I learned more about the AIDS crisis, the war in Afghanistan, piracy, Disney, kung fu, and a lot about growing old. There were also A LOT of “based on a true” stories. I kind of liked that.

Alright, here’s my predictions. I got to 25 out of the 32 movies nominated this year. (Not including foreign and short films or documentaries) 25 was my goal, so I’m proud of myselfPredictions 2014

  • Best picture: I’m going with 12 Years a Slave because it was the best of the nine and I think there are enough political AND artistic reason for it to win. I wouldn’t be surprised though if American Hustle won. I would be disappointed, though.
  • Director: I’m gonna go way out on a limb and say Steve McQueen. It’s the type of thing the Academy would do.
  • Leading Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Leo won. I think not nominating Tom Hanks was the Academy’s way of setting up whoever actually wins.
  • Leading Actress: Cate Blanchett. Because they’re gonna have to give an award to Woody somehow and I don’t think he’s gonna win the screenplay.
  • Supporting Actor: Jared Leto because he deserves it slash this movies gotta win a couple things.
  • Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence because of the Academy’s current love affair with her. Not that I don’t love her. Because I do. But she shouldn’t win this time.
  • Original Screenplay: American Hustle which I don’t think should win. ANY of the other ones should win. Well, except Blue Jasmine.
  • Adapted ScreenplayCaptain Phillips. I don’t think they can just ignore Captain Phillips.
  • Cinematography: Gravity. But my selfish little indie film self liked Prisoners‘ cinematography the most.
  • Film Editing: Gravity, although I don’t think it should win.
  • Animated FeatureFrozen. Duh.
  • Original Song: “Ordinary Love” by U2. I think it’s gonna win just because it’s U2 and because Mandela just died.
  • Original ScoreGravity. Boo. Go Thomas Newman!
  • Costume DesignThe Great Gatsby because wow.
  • Makeup and Hairstyling: American Hus…oh wait, that wasn’t nominated. Uhhhh….Dallas Buyers Club, I guess.
  • Production Design: Oh, how I would love to see Her win but it’s probably gonna be Gravity.
  • Visual EffectsGravity legitimately deserves this one.
  • Sound Mixing: Gravity although I think Captain Phillips had more significant mixing.
  • Sound EditingGravity.