Movie: All is Lost
What it’s up for: Sound editing

I am not going to waste many words on this post. If you’re thinking about renting All is Lost, save yourself the dollar and the effort and buy yourself a candy bar instead. This is by far the most boring movie I’ve seen in a long time. The only reason I sat through the whole thing is because of this blog. It’s a story about a man who gets lost at sea. And that’s it. There’s no character background or development at all. There’s no reason to care about this guy. The only reason I even understood what was happening most of the time is because I’m very well-educated in maritime survival methods. If you don’t know anything about surviving at sea, you will probably spend most of the movie confused. Also, it seems to be pretty inaccurate. Two cargo ships pass him at different points in time and he shoots up flares and everything and they don’t turn around. I KNOW that that wouldn’t happen. I’ve SEEN what happens when a large ship sees a life raft adrift at sea. And ships have to respond to flares. So, anyway, don’t watch it. The sound editing is good, but that’s mostly because there’s a lot of water and the sound effects are the ONLY thing that happens in the entire movie.

Oh, it’s gonna lose to Gravity, let’s be real.