Visual Effects

Alright, so I’ve only seen two of these movies: The Avengers and Prometheus.

The Avengers was great. Loved it. Storyline was clever. Visual effects were good. But they were so…average. It’s weird that we’re at a place where computer generated visual effects are average, but there it is.

Prometheus was a surprisingly painful movie to watch. There were no plot transitions from scene to scene or even any good editing transitions. I was totally confused by basically everything from start to finish. However, the visual effects were AMAZING. I’d definitely pick Prometheus over The Avengers.

Random other things

I also saw Mirror Mirror which was up for costume design. Yes, great costumes. Nuf said.

Last but not least, I saw half of Ted, I am ashamed to say. I honestly don’t remember the song it was nominated for because I fell asleep halfway through it.

UGH. I feel so distraught over the fact that not only have I seen so few movies this year, but also that I don’t get to watch the Oscars tonight. It’s not my year.