Well, it’s over. I ended up being 12 for 19, which I’m really disappointed in. I blame Scorsese and whoever he paid off to win visual effects, the sound categories, and cinematography. It shouldn’t have won any of those. What Hugo should’ve won was film editing. Shameful. The Artist shouldn’t have won costume design in any stretch of the imagination. I’m glad “Man or Muppet” won, even though I didn’t think it would.

But, the past is behind us and there’s no use remaining bitter about it.

The show was better than last year, I thought. They need to bring back doing performances for Best Original Song though instead of having so many random montages. The Wizard of Oz thing was especially dumb. Although I enjoyed hearing some of the things that actors and filmmakers had to say about their favorite movies etc etc, it’d be nice to see something like that with regular people. It might make the general public less hostile towards the Academy.

Billy Crystal started strong but seemed to get really bored. I appreciated the joke in the beginning about how nothing brightens the world financial crisis than millionaires giving each other hunks of gold. I think it was a necessary thought to throw out there since it can seem kind of ridiculous. However, he kept going on and on about financial stuff and it just became too much. His comment about the Harry Potter franchise and taxes was a low-blow.

I really liked the statements the presenters gave for the leading actors and actresses. I thought they were a nice summarization of the significance of the different roles. I can’t believe Jim Rash aka Dean Pelton from “Community” was one of the writers for The Descendants. Will Ferrell and Zach Galifinakis were the best presenters, although Emma Stone entertained me too.

Was Cirque du Soleil necessary?

All in all, the Oscars ceremony could be more entertaining and efficient than it actually is. It could also be nicer to some of the IMPORTANT categories like cinematography. Come on.