2012 has been marked by daddy issues (9 movies), France (6, maybe 8), and lots of hope. This was a year for a lot of uplifting films, and characters who come to positive resolutions.

I saw 28 out of the 37 total films nominated for Oscars this year (excluding shorts, foreign films, and documentaries). Quick links to each film can be found here.

Below are some brief descriptions of each category this year and a table with my predictions.

Best Picture
The Artist is almost certain to win the big one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a really tight race between it and The Descendants. I think The Descendants is the better film although The Artist was certainly more unique.

Actor in a Leading Role
I wouldn’t be surprised at all if George Clooney (for The Descendants) walked away with this one. Jean Dujardin is supposed to win and he did do a fantastic job. HOWEVER, I would almost be willing to assert that George Clooney did better physical acting in a NON-silent film than Jean Dujardin did in a silent film. That being said, my bet is still on Dujardin to win.

Actor in a Supporting Role
This is a weak category this year, although all the nominees did very well in their individual films. However, none of them were over-the-top amazing. Christopher Plummer (Beginners) will probably win this award, but I think Max von Sydow (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) did a much better job than Plummer. Von Sydow just unfortunately suffered from poor writing (which is ironic since his role was silent).

Actress in a Leading Role
Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady) should win this, no problem, and I agree. The wide range of emotions and ages she had to play should make her a lock-in. I would be surprised if someone else won.

Actress in a Supporting Role
This category is incredibly strong this year. However, Octavia Spencer (The Help) will win this and if she doesn’t, everyone will be surprised and probably annoyed with the Academy.

Animated Feature Film
In a year with no Disney or Pixar films, Dreamworks is still going to lose to Rango.

Art Direction
Hugo was the most nominated film this year, but it’s unlikely to win any of the big awards. However, I think that it should win art direction and I’m predicting that outcome as well. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Artist pulled this one out.

The Tree of Life is most likely to win this and I agree, although it’s hard because I’m laughing just thinking about the ridiculousness of this “movie”. It did have beautiful shots and images throughout it, though and that’s why it should win.

Costume Design
Anonymous should win this because it’s costumes were the most complex and were executed really well. If The Artist wins this category, I’m going to be mad since Midnight in Paris wasn’t nominated for costumes and they had a lot of the same types of costumes (as well as a BUNCH of other types from different scenarios). Jane Eyre wouldn’t be a surprise to pull out a win, though.

Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) will most likely win this although I don’t think I agree. There were moments in The Artist that I just didn’t get. I probably would pick Woody Allen for the winner of this category, although I might be the only one. I just loved Midnight in Paris.

Film Editing
Hugo should win this for its several long “one shot” scenes and I think it probably will. The Artist may pull this one out as well, but I would disagree because all they did was re-use editing techniques from the 20s. (Except this time it’s easier because they used computers.)

The Iron Lady should win this and I agree. As I’ve learned from watching the SyFy show “Face-Off” (a reality show for movie makeup artist wannabes), aging makeup is one of the hardest things to do.

Music (Original Score)
The Artist should win this and I would agree. The score for this movie was its own character and was vital for telling a story with no dialogue. Composition-wise, though, either of John Williams’ scores (Tintin and War Horse) were more complex. I wouldn’t be completely surprised if one of those won instead, but I would be disappointed.

Music (Original Song)
“Real in Rio” (Rio) should win this, no problem. (Even though I LOVE “Man or Muppet” and can’t wait for them to perform it tonight.)

Sound Editing
The two sound categories are often won by the same film, but I don’t think that’s the case this year. (Although War Horse could come out of nowhere and win both and I wouldn’t be too surprised.) The murmur around the internets is that Hugo will win both but, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. I think Transformers will win. It’s a long shot, I know, but they’ve never won for sound editing and technically speaking, they should. I think Drive should win, though. Drive‘s sound editing was noticeably phenomenal.

Sound Mixing
If Hugo wins this category, I will be so mad. As I said in my review, there was at least one time during the movie where the background noises didn’t mesh well with the dialogue and that is the definition of poor sound mixing. Unfortunately, I didn’t see War Horse, but I think it may just win. However, my choice would be Moneyball to win.

Visual Effects
Freaking Harry Potter is throwing me for a loop in this category because both parts one and two of movie 7 were nominated for visual effects and it was fantastic. It’s possible that HP could win this one just because it didn’t win last year. They could give it to them this year as an honor to the movie as a whole. However, I really think Rise of the Planet of the Apes should win and it very probably will. Hugo, the Academy’s favorite, may pull it out which would be very disappointing.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
The Descendants should win this hands down. If Hugo wins, I will throw something through the window. The second best of this category, I think, is Ides of March, followed by Hugo, Tinker Tailor, and Moneyball. 

Writing (Original Screenplay)
Midnight in Paris should win this, and I agree. If The Artist wins, I’ll, again, throw something through the window.