Movie: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
What it’s up for: Sound editing, Sound mixing, Visual effects

So, I haven’t seen the second of the Transformers series, but I got to watch this one with some Transformers experts so it was fine. Turns out, you really don’t need to know too much to watch a Transformers movie.

In this edition, the Autobots have formed an alliance with the humans on Earth to help keep the humans from destroying each other. Very quickly, though, things start going amiss as Optimus Prime discovers that the humans have been hiding something from them.

I will say that I was thoroughly entertained the whole time. I was interested and wanted to know what happened throughout the entire 154 minutes. However, the writing and editing left much to be desired. There were gaping plot holes that were too obvious to be acceptable for a professional film. There were a few scenes that seemed to have been put in at the wrong place and scenes that just ended without a transition.

What’s always bothered me about the Transformers series is the sexist use of women. The female characters are always dressed way too scandalous for running in war zones. Their breasts and butts are always the focus. They’re really not that helpful and they use their sexuality in a very obvious, superficial way. The one female character that wasn’t like that in this episode of Transformers was a stuffy, boringly dressed, mean, ball-busting woman who everyone just hates the whole time. I hate it.

Anyway, (off the soapbox) the visual effects were astounding, of course. The sound editing was incredibly important and well done, of course. The sound mixing was good too. At least, there weren’t any noticeable issues.

Sound editing: Doubtful. 

Sound mixing: Doubtful. 

Visual effects: Doubtful.