Movie: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
What it’s up for: Visual effects

I was really excited to see this movie, despite what everyone had told me about it. I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t expecting an epic masterpiece of cinema. It was a good, engaging story and was a great addition to the Planet of the Apes legacy. I love a good back story.

The movie is meant to explain how the apes originally took over Earth. Whoops…if you haven’t seen the original Planet of the Apes, I just spoiled the ending. However, if you haven’t seen the original POTA (or at least know how it ends) you’ve probably been living under a rock since 1968.

I thought the story was good, the writing was adequate, and the score was only ok. The glories of the movie by far (obviously) are the visual effects. I’m kind of in shock about how far computer animation has come so quickly. Every bit of computer-generated images looked real. The apes looked real and blended into the real surroundings perfectly. Hair is so hard to animate – or at least, it used to be. I think we’ve leapt past that hurdle now after seeing this movie and Rango. I’m going to see Real Steel and Transformers over the next two days, but I can’t see anyone else winning this category, considering the nature of the animation.

Highly likely.