Movie: Drive
What it’s up for: Sound editing

Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. What a good movie. It’s very different, but in a good way. WARNING to those who haven’t seen it yet but want to: it’s VERY gory. From the trailer and description, you wouldn’t expect it to be so gore but it’s REALLY gory. Other than that (and the language), I thought it was a really interesting and suspenseful film.

Ryan Gosling plays a stunt driver/mechanic who also works as a getaway driver for heists in LA. He meets a woman and her son in his apartment building whose friendship leads to high-speed adventure.

I would put more effort into that summary, but I don’t have time. I love this movie because it’s really really different. Ryan Gosling’s character remains nameless through the whole film, giving him an anonymity that adds to the depth of the development of his character. He barely speaks until probably halfway through the movie, giving him an innocence in spirit that adds complexity to what’s actually going on. The background music is a very odd choice…but it works, somehow. It kind of made it feel like an 80s movie. The plot is incredibly complex. Every time you get settled into the movie, something happens to rip you out of that and send you down a new path.

The SOUND EDITING is FANTASTIC. I’m really disappointed that I’m not going to be able to see all the movies in this category because it’s really hard to tell if something else can beat DriveHugo certainly didn’t. It’s hard to describe how good the sound editing was, but it was perfect. I’d forgotten that this was the only category it was nominated for but throughout the movie I kept thinking to myself “It must be up for sound editing it MUST.” It should’ve been nominated for sound mixing too.

Probably. It’s biggest competitor will probably be Transformers.