Movie: Beginners
What it’s up for: Actor in a Supporting Role (Christopher Plummer)

A strange, quirky, all over the place movie. I didn’t hate it. My favorite part was Ewan McGregor’s hair.

The basic premise is that Ewan McGregor’s dad just died and he’s moving on from that. Along with that, he’s dealing with issues surrounding the fact that his dad came out to him 5 years prior after his mom died. While battling with questions over what real love looks like, he meets a French actress who’s also dealing with family issues of her own.

My summary makes it sound like the movie was really cohesive. It wasn’t. There were some really funny parts, and I love Ewan McGregor, but there just wasn’t much of a story there. It was more of a force-fed social commentary. The best thing about the movie was Ewan’s dad’s dog that he adopts after his dad’s death. If you’ve seen The Artist, the dogs in the two movies are very similar characters.

Anyway, on to Christopher Plummer. He didn’t wow me. This category is so empty. The actors have all been good, but not Oscar-worthy, in my opinion. Alan Rickman should’ve been nominated for his role as Severus Snape (it’s a crying shame that neither he nor Maggie Smith got nominated for their roles in the Harry Potter franchise). The BAFTAs had it right with nominating Jim Broadbent for The Iron Lady at least. The general consensus is that he’s going to win. He’s won a bunch of the other awards already. My hunch is that the only thing giving him a leg up over the other nominees is that his character is gay. But here’s the thing – his story was mostly told through Ewan McGregor’s voice-overs. He didn’t really do that much acting. Maybe I’m just not seeing his acting genius clearly. I’m looking forward to seeing Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on Thursday and seeing if Max von Sydow is any better than the rest.

Most likely to win.