Movie: Midnight in Paris
What it’s up for: Best Picture, Art Direction, Director (Woody Allen), Original Screenplay

I’m just sitting here smiling after watching this movie. It was just so…beautiful and enlightening. IMDB classifies this movie as a romantic comedy, but that does not describe what it is at all. It makes me want to reconsider Paris (when I went I hated it…it was bitterly cold and dirty). It makes me want to write a book. It makes me want to go for a walk.

I don’t know how to accurately review this movie without spoilers, so I’ll do my best. The basic premise of the movie is that Gil (Owen Wilson) and his fiancée Inez (Rachel McAdams) are in Paris with her parents. Gil is a screen writer attempting to write a novel,  LOVES Paris, and thinks the 1920s in Paris was the golden age. Inez wants him to go back to what he’s good at and she doesn’t share his vision of Paris or their future. Through a series of fantastic events (which I won’t spoil because they are SO.AWESOME. when you’re surprised by them) the adventure unfolds in Paris and many lessons are learned. (I want to go into detail on that SO MUCH but I don’t want to ruin it for people who haven’t seen it. So, if you have seen it, Facebook me and we can chat.)

Woody Allen is such an odd fellow. He hasn’t really found much success in the past with his directorial roles. He directed and wrote this movie. The direction and writing were both fabulous. The actors played their roles well. The scenes were set and shots were placed perfectly for the tone and message of the film. Owen Wilson is such a character. It’s hard to take him seriously sometimes but I think Woody did a good job with him in this movie. The wide variety of characters in the film kept the action going and built on the plot, rather than take away from it. The art direction was so beautiful. The art direction had to do many different things but all the segments worked together smoothly and effectively. The lighting was spectacular as was the use of color.

Spectacular movie. I highly recommend it.

Best Picture: Possibly. I would choose it over The Help and Hugo at least.

Art Direction: Possibly. But it has The Artist to contend with (which I’m seeing tomorrow).

Director: I would be surprised if he won, although he did a great job.

Original Screenplay: I can’t say. I’ve only seen Bridesmaids in this category. It definitely beats out Bridesmaids though.