Movie: Jane Eyre
What it’s up for: Costume design

Alright, here it is, short and sweet – the last of my posts about movies I’d seen prior to the announcement of the nominees. (It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, so I don’t have much to say.)

I read Jane Eyre last year for the first time when I heard this movie was coming out. In between reading the book, and waiting for the movie to come out at Redbox, I watched a few other versions on Netflix. Or should I say, I started a few other versions on Netflix. The ones on Netflix were TERRIBLE. One in particular went through an entire 2 hours before it even got halfway through the book. Then it used the remaining 20 minutes to summarize (poorly) what happened in the last half. I was much more impressed with the 2011 version.

I thought this version was a good adaptation of the book. I enjoyed the movie quite a lot and would probably see it again. It was well made, well cast and hit on a lot of the same emotions as the book. The costumes, of course, were great – but you’d expect that from any Victorian era-esque period piece. I think the main competition for this category will probably be Anonymous (although I haven’t seen it yet).

Highly likely to win.