Movie: Rango

Rango, a pet lizard, gets separated from his humans while on the highway in the desert. To find water – and find who he is – he must journey into the desert to find and protect the town of Dirt.

The only thing I knew about this movie going into it was that it was some kind of Western where Johnny Depp plays a lizard. Unfortunately, due to my disc from Redbox being scratched and having to watch it at a bad time, I didn’t really enjoy it. I think under different circumstances, I would enjoy it. It was actually pretty good. The animation was FAN.TAS.TIC. It was so good, I couldn’t believe it. The fur looked real, the scales looked real, the water looked real. Holy cow. The plot was actually a lot less silly than I thought it would be. It was pretty clever and had a serious-ish feel to it. It was all about Rango discovering who he was. I’d watch it again to give it a second chance.

Movie: Kung Fu Panda 2

In a world where a fat panda is the Dragon Warrior, only he can save kung fu from the threat of a white peacock with knives….

I’d only recently seen the first Kung Fu Panda but I’m now totally on board with this series and look forward to the (probable) third one. I thought this one’s animation was even better than the first. It’s a different style than Rango, but arguably just as good. I like the complexity of the story-line. I think this series is underrated by critics. It’s seen as a movie primarily for kids, but it’s got a lot of content for adults as well. It’s unlikely to win against Rango but it’s still a great movie.

Movie: Puss in Boots

How the legend was born. An orphaned kitten grows up in an orphanage where he befriends an egg whose life goal is to find…ADVENTURE!

Oh, Dreamworks. What’s funny is that even in a year with no Disney nominations, they most likely still aren’t going to win Best Animated Feature. This movie deviated from their typical Shrek formulas. It was more serious and had less jokes. The jokes they did have, though, were pretty funny. It was a good movie but not particularly attention-grabbing. The animation was really good (it has continued to get better throughout this franchise) but not as good as Rango.

Movie: A Cat in Paris

This is a foreign film from France. The trailer is below. Obviously the animation style is much different from the American CG films. It looks interesting though. It’s about a girl whose just lost her father, her mother is a cop looking for the killer and her cat is in leagues with a burglar.

Movie: Chico & Rita

This is a foreign film from Spain. The trailer is below. Again, the animation style is a lot different from the American films. It’s about a man and woman from Cuba who fall in love. The girl becomes a singer and goes to America and they’re separated. It looks a lot more risqué than the typical kid films that land in this category.

Rango all the way.