Movie: The Help
What it’s up for
: Best Picture, Actress in a Leading Role (Viola Davis), Actress in a Supporting Role (Jessica Chastain, Octavia Spencer)

What a great movie. It’s the only Best Picture nominee that got any real box office attention. (We’ll ignore the fact that it was still only the 13th highest grossing picture behind 12 different sequels/Avenger movies.) It was funny, sad, relevant, adapted from a book, and a period piece – the perfect combination for a good chick flick. That, I think, is what it became even though that’s not what it should be.

Although the movie was continually entertaining from start to finish, I’m not surprised that  it wasn’t nominated for its writing. I haven’t read the book, but I heard that it follows the book pretty closely. However, the whole time I was watching the movie, I kept waiting for the big conflict of the story to happen…and it never did. Yes, there WAS conflict – the whole movie was conflict – but it didn’t have a typical “set the scene, conflict, resolution” structure. I guess the movie was supposed to just be about the process of Skeeter writing the book, but after the book was written, the movie just seemed to…end, without any substantial resolution.

The acting, however, was phenomenal. The casting was excellent. Viola Davis (the lady on the far left) especially was excellent. She really harnessed the pain of her character, Aibileen. Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer (middle and right, respectively) were both hilarious and moving as Celia and Minny.

The movie as a whole was really beautifully done. I’m glad that it has been getting a lot of awards.

Best movie: Unlikely.
Leading actress: Possibly. But Meryl Streep or Rooney Mara seem more likely.
Supporting actress: I think it’s highly probable that Octavia Spencer will win. I don’t think Jessica Chastain has a chance against Octavia.