Movie: The Muppets
What it’s up for: Best Original Song – “Man or Muppet”

I love the Muppets. I loved this movie. It was clever and Muppety and had a great set of cameo appearances. If you haven’t seen it, the basic premise is that the Muppets aren’t famous anymore but the Muppet/human brothers Walter (the Muppet) and Gary (Jason Segel) set out to save the Muppet theater and make them famous again. It is so cute, especially with Jason Segel and Amy Adams as a couple. My FAVORITE cameo was the one that happens during this song. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but it is HILARIOUS (if you’re a Big Bang Theory fan, like I am). This one is going to be really entertaining to watch during the Oscars, assuming that they will be performing the nominated songs per usual.

The song isn’t that complex but it’s funny. It’s written as satire more than as a real song. I’m not sure how that concept plays into whether or not it’s better than a “real” song.

Movie: Rio
What it’s up for: Best Original Song – “Real in Rio”

It is a DIRTY ROTTEN SHAME that this movie wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Feature Film. DIRTY ROTTEN SHAME!!! Especially in a year with no real Disney films. Rio was cute, well-written, clever, and had superb animation. The casting choices really made the film. Jesse Eisenberg as the main character Blu – a neurotic, domesticated macaw that was raised in frigid Minnesota and winds up on a grand adventure through Rio; Anne Hatheway as Jewel – the female macaw native to Rio that teaches Blu how to be a real bird; Tracy Morgan as Luis – the slobbery bull-dog companion; AND Jamie Foxx and Will.I.Am as Nico and Pedro – the hilarious avian sidekicks. I came out of the movie amused and surprised at how well it was done.

Anyway, the song – “Real in Rio”. It’s much more musically complex than “Man or Muppet”. Will.I.Am even has his moment near the end. It’s pretty great. I don’t want to root against a Disney nominee, but it probably should win.

Technically, it should probably be “Real in Rio”. It’s a more original and complex composition.