Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
What it’s up for: Art Direction, Makeup, Visual Effects

Let’s get this over with. I’m not going to waste my time with any sort of summary of this movie. I’m not going to write about how the ending fight scene had my theater laughing out loud as Harry hugged Voldemort to death. I’m not going to mention how incredibly awkward Voldemort was throughout the entire film. I won’t bother you with my rants about how it was a poor and disappointing adaptation that was especially disappointing since it followed a highly successful adaptation (HP 7.1).

I’ll just talk about what it’s nominated for.

The visual effects in this movie were some of the best I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see any of the other VE nominees, so I can’t make an accurate prediction at this time. From the trailers I’ve seen of the others, though, it’ll probably be a toss-up.

Art direction is an interesting category. HP’s 1, 4, and 7.1 have all been nominated but none of them won (losing to Moulin Rouge, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Alice in Wonderland, respectively). Again, unfortunately, I haven’t seen the other nominees yet. I think it’s doubtful that it’ll win though.

Makeup. ….what? None of the other HPs have been nominated for best makeup and as far as I can recall, I don’t remember anything particularly special about 7.2’s makeup. The 6th grader I nanny (who loves the movies) mentioned that maybe they waited till the last movie to give the franchise an award for makeup. That could very well be true. But, it should also be noted that this year there weren’t any other “mythical” makeup requirements in films. The other two nominated were Albert Nobbs and The Iron Lady. It’s likely that HP will win.

Art direction: Unlikely
Makeup: Probable
Visual effects: Could be a toss-up with the other films nominated, most likely will go to Hugo (my completely blind guess…just because it’s been nominated for so many things)