Movie: Bridesmaids
What it’s up for: Supporting Actress (Melissa McCarthy), Writing (original screenplay)

Bridesmaids, OH, Bridesmaids. After being a bridesmaid twice in 5 months last year, I was so stoked to see this. It was great. It was funny, heart-warming, clever, and relevant. However, it was also pretty awkward. It was kind of odd to have that kind of raunchiness in a chick flick, let’s be honest. Everyone praises it for being so, but is that really what we as women want to prove? That we can be as raunchy as men? But I digress…

I enjoyed it, I did. I’d probably see it again. I totally understand why it was nominated for its screenplay. It was very clever and took you all across the emotional spectrum without forcing emotion on you. The cast was chosen well and Kristen Wiig is a comedic genius. Melissa McCarthy was good too, although I don’t really understand why everyone thinks she deserves this nomination so much. Maybe I can’t remember accurately, but I feel like if a man did the exact same thing she did, he wouldn’t be nominated. She is a good actress and she did go from silly to serious well.

Supporting actress: unlikely (mostly just because she’s up against TWO of the great women from The Help)
Original screenplay: also unlikely…a raunchy comedy winning best original screenplay? Yeah, unlikely.