Movie: The Fighter
What it’s up for: Best picture, supporting actor, 2 supporting actress, direction, film editing, writing (original screenplay)

Hooray for The Fighter! What a fantastic movie. I loved that it’s based on a true story. I went into it knowing that but not really knowing what the movie was about. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t a particularly unique story idea, but it was delivered fantastically. The story of a pair of boxing brothers from Massachusetts defeat all odds and bond as a family.

First of all, Christian Bale is going to win best supporting actor. Holy cow. I especially loved that they put the short clip of the real brothers at the end of the movie so that we could see what they actually act like. Christian Bale pegged Dicky PERFECTLY. Amaaaaazing.

Melissa Leo (who plays the mom) and Amy Adams (who plays the girlfriend) are nominated for supporting actress. They were both really good, but I wasn’t blown away by either of them. Amy Adams’ character kind of annoyed me actually…

Film editing really was good. They kept transitioning between old 90s-looking shots and regular shots during the fight scenes because it was supposed to be on tv. That was pretty cool.

Writing…eh, sure. It wasn’t bad. It was good but nothing too special. They used the crutch of the f-word too much. And I don’t just say that because I don’t like swearing. It was hard to understand what was going on at times because of the excessive swearing.

Overall, I liked it. A lot. I like true stories. And Christian Bale really made the movie what it was.

Christian Bale will win. No doubt. Everything else is possible, but I can’t say.