Movie: The Town
What it’s up for: Supporting actor

I’m on a crime drama kick today.

HERE is the New England mob movie. Ben Affleck and his buddies live in Charlestown, which is right outside of Boston and apparently produces the highest number of armored car/bank robbers.

Typical mob movie, plot-wise. Parts of it were a little bit hard to follow. But cinematically, it was a beautiful film. The cinematography seemed to be carefully thought through. There were a lot of symbolic and foreshadow visuals throughout the movie. Ben Affleck directed it, which I didn’t know until the end, and I am very impressed.

Excessive use of the f-word, per usual. However, something I realized today after watching Animal Kingdom (which didn’t have NEARLY as much swearing) is that you can do a dramatic crime film without dropping the f-bomb every 5 seconds. It’s really just unimaginative (although probably realistic) to use so much language for effect.

Jeremy Renner is up for supporting actor. He plays one of Ben’s friends. He’s basically the leader of their little bank/armored car robbing gang. His role was very well-played, but his character wasn’t too complex. (Although, out of all the characters, his probably WAS the most complex.)

Blake Lively played the drugged-out sister of Jeremy Renner’s character and I was impressed by her performance. It wasn’t Oscar-worthy or anything, but it was a really different role for her and she played it well. I thought Ben did well too, but it wasn’t much different than his usual acting.

Now I’ve seen 2 out of 5 movies for this category. Between John Hawkes in Winter’s Bone and Jeremy Renner in this, I’d pick John. I don’t think Jeremy will win, anyway. Not against Christian Bale and Geoffrey Rush.