Movie: Animal Kingdom
What it’s up for: Best supporting actress

All I knew about this movie going into it was that it was about a crime family. So, I naturally assumed it was going to be some Italian family in New Jersey or something. I wasn’t too excited to watch it. (Don’t get me wrong, I love mob movies. But with this and The Town…I figured I was going to get overdone with mob movies.) BUT THEN as the movie started, I received the pleasant surprise of finding out that it was a movie about an AUSTRALIAN crime family. That definitely bumped my interest level up a notch.

Basically, the plot is centered around Josh, a 17 year old whose mom dies of a drug overdose and he’s forced to go live with his grandmother and interact with his crime lord uncles (whom his mom had been trying to keep him away from).

The plot is exquisite. There are multiple climactic moments throughout the movie. I found myself an hour in thinking the movie was almost over (in a good way). It is well-written, creatively shot, and keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat. When it was over, I sat in awe for a good few minutes, amazed at how good it was. And I was a little shaky.

Character development was practically flawless. It was one of those movies where you get emotionally drawn into the characters almost immediately. I got attached to almost all the members of the family almost immediately, became hostile towards the proper characters at the proper times, and was driven up and down emotionally by what happened to each person.

Jacki Weaver is the one up for supporting actress. She plays Josh’s grandmother and the mom of all the crime uncles. Her character is BRILLIANT. You don’t realize how brilliant her character is until about halfway in. I love that the Academy recognized this movie for her acting. Amazing.

This movie is just great. So so great.

Jacki is up against tough competition. Mostly because most of them are well-known actresses. I still haven’t seen the other movies in this category, but it’s unlikely that this brilliant Australian actress is going to win. 😦