DISCLAIMER: If any of my youths are reading this….I DO NOT ENDORSE YOU SEEING THIS MOVIE. No matter if you’re 17 or not.

Movie: Black Swan
What it’s up for: Best picture, actress (lead), cinematography, directing, film editing

Ok, so, through most of this movie, I was sitting in the theater with my knees tucked into my chest thinking “What the what is going on????”. Especially in the last like 20 minutes. Which, well, I’m sure was the point.

First of all, what I liked:
I liked the general feel of the movie. The psychotic, chaotic thriller aspect of it was really interesting and engaging. The symbolism throughout the movie was astounding and I’m sure I only caught a small percentage of it. Cinematography, directing, and editing were brilliant. BRILLIANT. Transitions and the use of camera angles were used perfectly. (Except for all the POV in the beginning. That was really rough and distracting.) And the use of sound effects was really unique and well done and added A LOT to the general intensity of the movie.

Natalie freaking Portman should win best actress just for the amazing fact that she learned so much ballet for this movie. And not JUST that she learned ballet (if you can “just” learn ballet) but that she used what she learned AS part of her acting. Her final performances were acted brilliantly through the ballet. And her total transformation from beginning to end is expertly done. SPOILER ALERT: I also loved how she went from normal to paranoid schizophrenic without you even noticing. It was like….normal normal normal…questionable…what’s going on…*BAM!* WHAT IS REAL??!?!?!

What I didn’t like:
Straight up, I didn’t like the excessive use of sex. People are SO unimaginative. Yes, Nina needed to learn how to be the black swan. Yes, she needed to figure out how to be seductive. No, they didn’t need to have her develop that in the way they did. I mean, even looking back at the general timeline, all the sex didn’t really build into something specific related to her black swan character. I mean, she never really showed that she learned how to seduce anyway. They definitely could’ve figured out a more imaginative, subtle, psychological way of corrupting her. Something more subtle would’ve fit the tone of the movie better. Not to mention just the general fact that NO ONE needs to see that. Come on, now.

There’s a reason this movie wasn’t nominated for writing. It’s because it wasn’t very good. The script had it’s moments but any positives it had got completely overshadowed by the ending. Soooo corny. Yeah, I get it. The idea of it is a good conclusion. But it was corny. SPOILER ALERT: And I wish that they’d emphasized her moment with the ballet guy a little bit more. It was an important moment and they kind of just skipped over it. The characters could’ve been developed better. Especially the mom. They never fully explained Nina and her mom’s relationship, which left me a little bit confused at the end.

Overall, I liked the movie. Mostly BECAUSE it was so chaotic and kind of just blows your mind. And because I was totally freaked out at various parts of the movie and during the entire last half hour. I like being freaked out. It left some things to be desired but overall it was good. But it should not win best picture. It’s not well-rounded enough.

Best picture: Please no. Simply because I can’t stand a movie winning best picture unless it has near-perfect writing.
Directing: Possibly
Leading actress: Please, yes!
Cinematography: Possibly, but I think not.
Film editing: Definitely a possibility.

*UPDATE* After less than a week, I wish I hadn’t seen this movie. The gore-y parts continue to freak me out when I think about it and the sexual parts continue to disturb me. I also find myself thinking about my mind being out of my control…it’s messed up.