Movie: Toy Story 3
What it’s up for: Best picture, best animated feature film, music (song),  sound editing, writing (adapted screenplay)

If you have known me for more than 5 seconds, you know that I am an above average Disney fanatic. That being said, I’m almost as excited about TS3 being nominated for best picture this year as  I was for “Up” being nominated last year. However, I do realize that this is just because of the Academy’s attempt at increasing ratings by expanding the number of best picture noms to 10. I don’t really care. At least it’s up there.

For a sequel, this was far beyond any reasonable expectations. For an animated feature, it had the depth of a live-action movie. It had a well-developed plot and was written superbly. Honestly, I think it’s better than the first Toy Story. I cried. A lot.

I’m not surprised Randy Newman’s song got nominated. As for sound editing…I feel like I only notice sound editing when it’s bad. But I can see why sound editing was important in TS3, what with all the different toys and background noises and whatnot.

Best picture: Of course it’s not going to win best picture. The day an animated film wins best pictures is the day pigs fly (which I’m not happy about).
Animated feature: Yes. Yes, it will win. Duh.
Song: I doubt it…Randy Newman vs Alan Menken? That’s tough, but I think Tangled‘s song will win out.
Sound editing: Again, doubt it. I would be really surprised.
Adapted screenplay: It’s a miracle it’s even up for this category. But it’ll lose out to a live-action film.