Movie: The Social Network
What it’s up for: Best picture, actor (leading), cinematography,  directing, film editing, music (score), sound mixing, writing (adapted screenplay)

A movie about Facebook. It’s like two of my most favorite things coming together. Too bad it really wasn’t about Facebook. Which I’m happy about.

This movie was beautiful visually. Cinematography was outstanding. Direction was fantastic. Editing was pretty good, although the beginning was a little awkward, I felt. Sound mixing was…questionable. There were a lot of times when it seemed like the wrong noises were overpowering the scenes. That might be more of an editing problem. I’m not entirely sure. I thought the writing was only ok. I thought the characters had some clever lines, but there was a lot of back and forth between different time periods that could’ve been smoothed over with better writing. And I KNOW it’s based on a true story and true stories can only end in a certain number of ways, but ending with “this person ended up here doing this” coming on the screen is a cop-out.

Acting. I thought they majority of the actors were great. (Although I didn’t understand the purpose of having Rashida Jones’ character.) Jesse Eisenberg was good, but if they’re going to nominate him, they should be nominating Andrew Garfield (Eduardo) for supporting actor. I think Jesse did a great job being a person who’s brain works differently than everyone else’s. His method acting was the best (his physical responses/movements/actions). But when he spoke I didn’t think he seemed that much different than other characters he’s played. Andrew Garfield, on the other hand, I LOVED. I hope to see him a lot more.

The movie as a whole, I liked. But I didn’t automatically get the metaphor or depth that the director claims he was going for. Even though there was some backstabbing and whatnot, I was inspired by and rooting for Mark Zuckerberg throughout the movie. It could just be that FB has brainwashed me…I like seeing underdogs do something great. But I feel like there was supposed to be something more to this movie than what there was. A lot of people said they shut down their FB pages after seeing this movie, but I don’t understand why. I thought it just further affirmed FB’s existence. I don’t know. I did like it. I felt like it had a relatable quality to it somehow. But it wasn’t best picture worthy, I think.

Predictions: (DISCLAIMER: As of 1/31, I still haven’t seen all the movies it’s up against)
Best picture: Really doubt it. Really really. I know it won the Golden Globe…but still.
Actor (leading): Reaaaaaaaaaaaallly doubt it.
Cinematography: Quite possible. It was super artistic.
Directing: Possibly…but I think it’s unlikely
Film editing: No. I’d be surprised.
Music (score): Definitely. It was really unique and worked perfectly to set the tone and narrate the movie.
Sound mixing: Please, Lord, no.
Adapted screenplay: Eh…possibly.