Movie: Inception
What it’s up for: Best picture, art direction, cinematography, music (score),  sound editing, sound mixing, visual effects, writing (original screenplay)

I love Inception. I’ve seen it like 4 times since it came out. It’s one of those movies that gets better everytime you see it. And you learn more about it everytime you see it.

It’s obvious why it’s up for best picture. It’s probably in the top 5 for the BP category. It was a well-rounded movie that wasn’t obviously reliant on special effects (even though it was). Art direction was fantastic. Cinematography was as well. I love the intensity of the score. Sound editing and mixing were a must for this movie (being in the different levels of the dream state and whatnot) and they pulled it off well. The writing was well done too, although it didn’t seem like anything too special to me.

I think people were so distracted by the twisting plot and spectacular visual effects that they forgot about the acting. I thought everybody in the movie did a great job. I was especially impressed by Ellen Page and how she avoided being forever type-cast in Juno-esque roles by pulling off a great performance as an adult character. Leo did great too. He’s a great actor. And he didn’t look 12 in this movie, which is helpful. lol

Predictions: (DISCLAIMER: as of 1/31, I still haven’t seen all the movies it’s up against)
Best picture: doubt it
Art direction: Possible…but I honestly think Alice has all of them beat in this category.
Cinematography: DEFINITELY a strong contender
Music (score): I think it’ll lose out to The Social Network
Sound editing: Possibly
Sound mixing: Possibly
Visual effects: Probably
Writing (OS): Can’t say…not until I’ve seen the others