Movie: How to Train Your Dragon
What it’s up for: Best animated feature film, music (score)

I saw this over Christmas and I LOVED it. But then again, I am a huge advocate for animated films in general. I thought it was funny without pandering. It stirred emotion while maintaining an entertaining quality. The animation was FANTASTIC, particularly with the dragons. I enjoyed the plot immensely, but I didn’t think the relationship between Hiccup and Astrid was developed very well. But I did like the fact that that relationship wasn’t a huge focus of the film anyway.

I wasn’t surprised that it’s up for AFF. There’s always a token Dreamworks movie in there with the Disney slash Disney/Pixar movies. I was surprised that it was up for best score. I vaguely remember the score being good…but it didn’t stand out to me as the greatest ever. There must not have been many good scores this year…

HOWEVER, I do always enjoy seeing any animated film nominated for any “real” category.

Predictions: There’s no way it’s winning either category. Not against Toy Story 3 for AFF or against Inception/The Social Network for score.