What better movie to start with than the one that inspired my blog title?

Movie: Alice in Wonderland
What it’s up for: Art direction, costume design, visual effects

I watched Disney’s Alice in Wonderland over this past summer, so it’s been awhile. I liked it, for the most part. I enjoy any re-interpretation of a classic. Especially when Tim Burton does it.

It’s no surprise that it’s up for 3 of the visual awards. The costumes were fantastic (in the very literal sense of the word – it is Tim Burton afterall). The visual effects didn’t blow my mind, but that could just be because I’m desensitized to computer animated effects. They were great and very creative. I do remember all the animals looking really realistic, which is always impressive. But nothing blew my mind. I wish I’d gotten to see it in 3D. Art direction was FANTASTIC. Everything went together smoothly and beautifully.

I thought the acting wasn’t terrible. Johnny Depp was great as the Mad Hatter. I really really liked his interpretation of the character. Helena Bonham Carter was typical – which is good, but not great. I do remember thinking that some of the secondary characters were a little odd. And I didn’t fully understand the casting of Anne Hatheway as the White Queen.

I enjoyed the back and forth plot twisting. I felt like I WAS Alice, trying to figure out if I was THE Alice or not.

Predictions: I haven’t seen all the other films it’s up against yet, but I feel like it’s probably a strong contender for art direction and costume design, but could easily lose out to Inception for visual effects.